Food Pantry Registration for Organizations

Vida-Life Ministries started from the heart to help feed the Spirit, Mind, and Body.  In 2007,  we started giving food from the garage of pastor’s house, 10 families showed every week and with only two volunteers. Now, we feed about 5,000 families and 86 different churches. Vida-Life Ministries sponsors different events throughout San Bernardino County.

Our vision is to give not only food, but also clothes, furniture, and personal hygiene to families in need. With the help of God, the churches, and organizations we can reach our goal. By doing this we are expanding the kingdom of God and doing what he has called us to do, to go! Find a need and fill it.

Vida-Life Ministries partners with many organizations that includes church pantries, homeless shelters, Salvation Army, and much more. Organization must have 501(c)(3) or equivalent status from the IRS to qualify for membership. Most churches qualify for a Vida-Life Ministries membership under this section of the IRS Code.

If you have questions about the documents or application process, contact Vida-Life Ministries at 323-351-3724 or [email protected]



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