Frequently Asked Questions

What is a food bank?

Food Banks acquire large donations of edible but unmarketable food from the food industry and distribute it to organizations that feed hungry people.

What type of food is donated to Vida-Life Ministries?

Most food donations come from the food industry. There are many reasons why products are donated. They may be mislabeled, overproduced, test -market items and products with short code dates.USDA government foods are also donated by the federal government and made available to families. We sometimes have to purchase food with donated dollars as well. Vida-Life Ministries also “salvages” products. The dented cans and crumpled boxes that are pushed aside at the grocery store can be cleaned and sorted by volunteers to provide people with a variety of food and household products.

Is hunger really a problem in the Inland Empire?

There are about 640,000 people living at or below the poverty line in San Bernardino county, that Vida-Life Ministries serves. Two in five people living in the Inland Empire are food insecure. The same rate for children is worse.  More than 70% of people receiving food assistance are the working poor. The elderly are the fastest-growing poverty population due to fixed incomes and rising medical expenses.

Can the hungry get food directly from Vida-Life Ministries?

Yes. Vida-life Ministries distributes food to the hungry every Saturday 9-11 a.m. Food is also distributed to qualifying  501(c)(3) charities that directly serve those in need. These organizations, or partner agencies, receive food from Vida-Life Ministries to distribute. To find your nearest  Vida-Life Ministries extension Click Here

Where does Vida-Life Ministries get funding?

You! Vida-Life Ministries is supported through individual donations, foundations, community partners, and grants. For more information about giving options or to make a donation, contact Vice President, Carlos Medina, at (323) 351-3724.

Is Vida-Life Ministries a government agency?

No. The Vida-Life Ministries is an independent 501(c)(3) organization, and is governed by a Board of Directors. However, Vida-Life Ministries does participate in USDA, which is a government program that are meant to help with the hunger problem on a national level.